Glenfalloch Woodland Garden

  • Glenfalloch Gardens Otago Peninsula Dunedin
  • Glenfalloch Gardens Otago Peninsula Dunedin
  • Glenfalloch Gardens Otago Peninsula Dunedin
  • Glenfalloch Gardens Otago Peninsula Dunedin

  • Glenfalloch Gardens Otago Peninsula Dunedin

Glenfalloch Woodland Garden – A beautiful place for celebrations

Glenfalloch, Gaelic for ‘hidden valley’ is a historical garden, established in 1871. Located on the scenic Otago Peninsula, Dunedin it is tranquil, beautiful, much loved and treasured as a special setting for your notable celebrations.

  • Dine in a beautiful restaurant with superb cuisine set in the gorgeous lush garden. One of Dunedin’s top restaurants.
  • Celebrate your special occasions with family and friends in the chalet, seats up to 130
  • Wed in the gorgeous gardens surrounded by beautiful blooms
  • Enjoy peace, tranquillity and the panoramic harbour views.
  • Listen to the ripple of Russell Creek and the harmony of the native birdlife symphony.
  • Walk among the rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, fuchsias and a profusion of other flower species which integrate with native ferns, exotic imports and indigenous New Zealand trees.
  • Meet a 1000 year old Matai Tree and admire our stunning autumn colours.

Glenfalloch Gardens and Restaurants is only a 15 minute scenic drive from Dunedin City. Glenfalloch enjoys a microclimate that extends the seasons and nurtures growth. Take time to wander around the Garden or enjoy a Guided  Tour (minimum of 10 pax)

We can cater for any size of celebration, weddings, parties, conferences and events. Glenfalloch Restaurant is one of Dunedin’s top 10 restaurants and is Dunedin’s leading and preferred private restaurant for personal celebrations. The restaurant is nestled within the garden and well positioned to offer your guests a relaxed dining experience in a superbly beautiful setting.

Ora King Salmon with Beetroot and Radish by Hannes Bareiter. Glenfalloch Restaurant


Stunning Otago Peninsula, a mystical marriage of sea and land has made Glenfalloch the ideal Dunedin wedding location. Beautiful Glenfalloch has a heralded place in Dunedin’s heart as a premiere setting for personal celebrations.In 2015 the chalet restaurant was given an elegant makeover to create a stylish, fresh décor to complement the lush garden locale.

The woodland garden itself showcases over 140 years of botanical heritage; each season bringing its own special array of colours and fragrances to delight the senses and provide pleasure to guests. Glenfalloch has a peerless heritage providing generations of Dunedinites with superb memories of enjoyable events.

Couples choose ceremony locations amongst the profusion of flower species which integrate with native ferns, exotic imports and indigenous New Zealand trees. The Glenfalloch Bridal Collection is designed to create a superb occasion for perfect weddings.

From traditional to unique, dine & dance to champagne brunch the experienced Glenfalloch team has the skill and energy to create celebrations to remember always.

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Glenfalloch Garden Open Daily

430 Portobello Road, Macandrew Bay, Dunedin

Glenfalloch Woodland Garden Open Daily from 9am till Dusk.
Entry to the Garden by Donation – Otago Peninsula Trust members can access the gardens for free

Glenfalloch Chalet Restaurant Opening Hours

Bookings Recommended Ph: 03-476-1006 or online at Glenfalloch Online Bookings

Experience Glenfalloch Restaurant, dine in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful gardens.

Enjoy superb cuisine created with fresh local produce from artisan suppliers and imaginatively crafted by an award winning chef. Glenfalloch’s menus change regularly to showcase the best of Otago’s seasonal ingredients and local delicacies. Renowned for warm hospitality, excellent food and a gorgeous historic garden.

Open for lunches, dinners and celebrations. Booking recommended. Free garden entry.

For your private celebrations, parties, weddings and function bookings please contact us

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Garden Entrance and Guided Tour (minimum of 10 people)

Glenfalloch Woodland Garden is operated by the Otago Peninsula Trust, a charitable organisation committed to the promotion and preservation of the Otago Peninsula. Proceeds from tours contribute to ecology enhancement and protection.

 Discover the Serenity of Glenfalloch Gardens – Otago Peninsula Trust

Even when old man nor’easter whips Otago Harbour into a frenzy of white caps, there’s serenity to be discovered in a glade above the water near Macandrew Bay on the Otago Peninsula.

To be found under a giant Japanese maple outside Glenfalloch’s Chalet restaurant. Glenfalloch. Hidden glen. Sheltering a microclimate that belies the elemental nature of this beautiful peninsula, just a ten minute drive from the centre of Dunedin city.

Otago Peninsula is itself a destination and Glenfalloch a ‘destination within a destination’ where visitors can enjoy simple, beautiful, locally grown food prepared with passion and flair by the chefs at the Chalet restaurant, or a quiet walk and reflection amid the rhododendrons, lawns and the long established European tree species which grow alongside familiar native New Zealand trees; all of which adds graciousness to this unique green space.

In its own little clearing above the bridal lawn there’s a 1,000 year old matai tree – arguably the oldest living tree on the Otago Peninsula. Some believe the tree has magic powers – certainly, the local maori who have inhabited the area for more than 700 years (long before European settlement) believe that matai tees have healing properties.

Glenfalloch has long been a favourite celebration place for Dunedinites. Weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, funerals – Glenfalloch has welcomed them all. In the early days these rites were celebrated in what was known as ‘the Chalet’ because the building itself was a quaint, shingle building which did look rather like one of those cuckoo clock Swiss chalets you see on calendars. Sadly,’ the Chalet’ burnt down in the 1970’s but the Otago Peninsula Trust, which has owned and managed the garden and the restaurant since 1967, replaced it with a modern building with a shape and style (if you use your imagination) reminiscent of the original. The name ‘the Chalet’ stuck and the restaurant building still carries it now.

But chalet hardly describes the interior, with its high-ceilinged light and air and its modern, inviting décor. As a purpose built function centre it sports a beautifully polished dance floor that doubles as a warming space in front of the elegant stone fireplace, adding a particular ambience on cooler days. And then there is the food. With a little help from local food guru Judith Cullen, the menus have been transformed this year, along with the Chalet’s interior. Lunch is available Thursday to Sunday and the space is still Dunedin’s premier venue for private functions. A variety of menus which take advantage of the fresh seasonal produce available locally ensure that whether it’s lunch or a special family occasion, the fare is relevant to the time of year, delicious and memorable.

A wander round the historic garden with its chuckle of stream and quiet paths, often opening onto rich green textures and unexpected splashes of colour, is to experience nature’s aesthetic at its best. Throw in an abundance of birdlife – tuis, bellbirds, grey warblers and even shining cuckoos in the spring – and a day spent at Glenfalloch will fill you up, heart and soul.


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Visitor Testimonials

Our visit to the Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens was terrific. Stunning grounds, absolutely beautiful flowers. We could have spent days there. The Otago Peninsula trust does great work!

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